YouthOfOurplace had ENOUGH of the World’s Doubts of Ever Living Ur DREAMS?

Perhaps U, like i was sometime ago, are ready to try living Ur life God’s Way!

All U will be giving up is Ur misery + money-grubbing masters and listening to liars and losers who try to sell U their “free” stuff

Before i woke up, I lived that insecure life – Looking for my “lottery win” to escape the miserable life i had gotten myself and my family into

No real HOPE – No real DREAM – No real CHANCE to live my Dream Life now + everyday!

Got to be an alcoholic and another person from the one i hoped to be!

A Happy, Healthy and Wealthy person! Not sacrificing my honesty + home + country!

So, YouthOfOurplace if U too have had ENOUGH of living the lie Read more …

Start Ur day TODAY on Ur Road of Ur Dream Destiny Life!

U’ll have to give up some of living life Ur way! And start to practice to #SurviveWithPower every obstacle in Ur life God’s Way!

Here’s how to START TODAY!
1. #AskGod, in whatever way U believe in God, to #HELLPPP U hear and follow Ur INTUITION?

Ur INTUITION is the Voice of God telling U the next step to take

STOP listening to the “advice” of others! Especially, the so called influencers, leaders, billionaires and other buffoons who try to “sell” their “free” stuff to U to “succeed”

They can NEVER help U because they are not inside U!

Thus, they do not know or understand how U feel, think and need! Or dare to practice something new to bless Ur self in a worthwhile way!

God does know how U feel, think and need! And how U can graciously and easily learn to start living Ur life – his Way worthily!

So #AskGod to #HELPPP U?
It’s that easy to START TODAY!

2. As things come up, Handle Only One Thing at a Time! Enjoy what U are doing!

If U start to get anxious or start thinking of all the other things U still have to do that day STOP #AskGod again for his #HELLPPP + DO something that U like doing, that is moral and legal – Like have a bite of Ur favorite food – Read something good – Go for a walk – Lie down and rest for a while

God’s Voice – Ur Intuition will again kick in and lead U in Ur next step until U believe U’ve done enough on that activity for that day

It’s called Living Ur Life One Activity at a Time + One Day at a Time!

Worked for me in my alcoholism recovery!
God’s Grace got me sober! God will also help U get over Ur very private or publicly known bad habits One Habit at a Time + One Day at a Time!

3. As U start to regularly practice God’s Way of Living Ur Dream Life One Step + One Day at a Time EXPECT God to BRING to U people and resources to help U to practice living Ur New Life

They’ll start showing up miraculously! U sometimes, won’t realize they’ve come into Ur New Dream Life until months after they show up

It’s called God’s Grace Gifts to U for living Ur life God’s Way

One Step + Activity + Day at a Time!

Now at the same time as these New Helpers start showing up, certain of Ur old family, friends, influencers and leaders will start to disappear POOFFF! They’re gone!

Don’t worry about it – It’s part of God’s Plan to eventually surround U with only those who really love + respect + desire to help U BE the PERSON God has CREATED U to BE

So YouthOfOurplace – Interested?
with Ur REAL FAMILY + FRIENDS who will help U BE who U truly ARE!

See U on our Dream Destiny Road of Happy + Healthy + Wealthy Living!

Ourplace prays and stands ready to help U YouthOfOurplace

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One thought on “YOUTH HAD ENOUGH? TRY GOD’s WAY!

  • December 12, 2017 at 1:32 am

    Hopefully our blogs for the youth and young people who desire to live a happy + healthy + wealthy life even today will bless them to practice early rather than later worthwhile living!


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